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Of course you want to have an installation that produces optimally and
safely under all circumstances.

Very often, conventional maintenance programs are but the sum of  the manufacturer’s recommendations. However, your situation is unique and requires its own strategy, rules and best practices, demanding, therefore, a tailor-made solution. We offer that solution! Our experience shows that an adequate control of the maintenance process results in significant optimisations of the overall business performance. An efficient maintenance and organisation of your management system allows  for a further reduction of your risks. To achieve this, an efficient mobilisation of resources and activities at the right time are essential. As the person responsible for production and maintenance, you constantly ask yourself whether the existing strategies are optimal and efficient.

Is your maintenance policy well documented?

We can document a tailor-made and result-oriented strategy for you. We can design a goal-oriented strategy based on your policy that makes every single part of your installation perform as expected: a guaranteed and functional performance with a longer life expectancy. We determine the desired life span of each specific part, how efficiently it must work, and how ensure that it will actually work that efficiently.

Are you full aware of the risks related to the use of your installation? 

The methodologies that we apply are based on risk management and

Is your management system designed in an efficient way?

Vectormm offers perfect organisation of your Maintenance Management System.

Do you have insight into the maximum achievable availability, reliability and maintainability?

We can design a simulation model of your process (RBD), complemented with a RAM analysis. The simulation identifies vulnerabilities that must to be solved first to be able to ensure continuity and to implement the most effective method to maintain your installation.

Are your time and money spent effectively on achieving the intended objectives?

Our RCM-inspired and pragmatic approach determines the most cost-effective maintenance for each part of the installation. Our FMECA process allows us to analyze the possible effects of failures that require countermeasures. Through this approach, we offer turnkey solutions for the prevention or reduction of unwanted effects. To speed up this process, we use our expertise and a comprehensive Failure Mode Library that we have developed over the years, based on practical experience. The definitions are clear and simple. Our experience helps you save time and money.

Are risk at different levels truly and fully covered?

The absence of an adequate spare parts strategy; -a Root Cause Analysis (RCA) process and an accurate document management system will cause an immediate decrease in security levels.
Vectormm includes all these matters as an integral part of its maintenance solutions. Coincidence is not an option!

Can things even  get better?

The Vectormm Quality Mark guarantees optimal results.


By gearing all these inspection activities within the management system up to each other in a smart way, you create a perfect interaction between operations, inspection and HSE, ensuring a sustainable result. A fast and tangible  insight into the status is continuously available. We implement the methodologies that were developed over the past few decades in a pragmatic manner.

Vector Maintenance Management

As an asset owner, you know that the stakes are high. The playing field is huge and the investments are tremendous… It is, therefore, vital to ensure that business processes are structured in an adequate way and are kept in place under all circumstances. This is easier said than done. To ensure safety, continuity and efficiency, good asset management is of great importance. Daily practice teaches us that many maintenance management systems can be structured in a much better way. Who we are?

We are Vectormm. Pleased to meet you!

We support asset owners and help them create safety, continuity and value through targeted maintenance and inspection programs. Vectormm initiates, implements, optimises, works in a pragmatic and transparent way, and is completely independent.

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